75 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Makeover Decor Ideas

71 Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Makeover Decor Ideas

The living room is a wife and mother’s pride and joy. Every other room in the house (okay, besides the bathroom) could be in disarray, but the living area is the place we like to give  lots of attention. It’s one of the first rooms our guests see when they visit, hence its the canvas in the house where we can showcase our creativity most. We can also use it to create a vibe or an aura for a certain event or a certain time of year. Most of all, the living room is where we can take a break from the ripping and running most of us do, and spend quality time together and just live for a few moments. And what makes a living room, well livable? When it gives off that homey feel that totally exudes a personal style while still remaining inviting to others.

Farmhouse style is hotter than it’s ever been. With a nod to the past, but one foot firmly in the present, farmhouse style is one that speaks to all kinds of people. And despite it having certain common characteristics, it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of look. Check out these wildly different examples of farmhouse style living rooms.

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