70 Best Modern Bohemian Living Room Decor Ideas

44 best modern bohemian living room decor ideas

Bohemian-style living rooms scream cozy, comfy, and “come sit awhile.” Characterized by lots of green plants, layers of color and pattern and a healthy mix of eclectic furnishings, bohemian living rooms are also budget-friendly! In fact, the more vintage, often the better.

If you’re on the hunt for envy inducing interior design eye candy to inspire your own bohemian style living space, look to Australian homes! Time and time again, Aussie homeowners and renters craft living room lounge areas that feel inviting, comfy, and most of all casual. Unpretentious, these living rooms mix design styles, eras, and patterns. They’re stunning rooms, but most of all, they feel accessible both to design and to enjoy.

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